Dropper Bottles in 2015

The humble dropper bottle, once relegated to the back of the pharmaceutical shelf, is experiencing a resurgence in the beauty industry.

In part thanks to the increased popularity of oils as part of women’s skincare routines, and aided by the boom in men’s beard care, dropper bottles can be seen everywhere, and you can forget the dusty old pharma stereotype too.

Today’s droppers are sleek, frequently metallised, and can include a traditional pipette mechanism or the latest airtight technology.

Twist and click features add a more modern feel for the consumer, and measured dosing is becoming par for the course in the prestige market.

In conjunction with airtight ‘syringe’ style droppers, and airless pumps, the dropper can form part of a moreishly on-trend range or be used as a beautiful feature piece, ideal for a standalone face or hair oil, to look great on the shelf.

Collcap customers can choose from the full spectrum of dropper bottle technologies, including innovative airless dropper bottles, and a range of materials and decoration techniques.

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Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic packaging is gaining popularity in the cosmetics field due to its increased value-perception, satisfying feel, and its obvious ‘easy-fasten’ advantage. In the case of Collcap’s latest ranges, the premium look and feel of our packs is second to none.

With counter-weighted lipsticks, and a range of decoration options to offer for both lipsticks and magnetic compacts, we are confident that beauty brands worldwide can benefit from the extra elegance offered by our diverse magnetic offering.

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The Airtight Compact Revolution

The airtight compact is taking Europe by storm, and Collcap and Samhwa are proud to present the new and improved airless compact for solid and liquid formulations, including the new cushion compact.

These refillable compacts with bi-injected casing bring the airtight advantages of previous generations of the range, with an extended retention period and minimal weight loss under rigorous testing.

With compacts available in 12g, 15g and 20g capacities, an 8g blush-size compact is also forthcoming in 2015.

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Presenting the Single-Use Applicator Tube from Collcap

Perfect for a mail-out sampler, for an in-store tester, or for a regulated daily-use regimen, the tube offers a low cost way to meet consumer needs for more practical packaging.

Available in capacities ranging from 2ml to 10ml, the tube and cap can be produced in custom colors and can feature a variety of decoration options including off-set, silkscreen and hot stamp printing.

Once removed, the beautifully simple pull-off cap also acts as an ergonomic applicator handle, ideal for most cosmetic applications.

The cotton applicator tip works well with many formulations across the spectrum. It is well suited to cosmeceutical applications such as serum or peels, root touch ups, wound or burn treatment, hair removal and much more.

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Collcap Wins Customer Innovation 2014 Award

2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Collcap and our customers the world over, and will also see us bringing some of last year’s developments to the fore.

To ensure our customers receive the best possible service, our work on innovative SAP software development was first introduced in 2012, and in 2014 we took further steps to maximise our efficiency and speed of communication.

In Autumn last year we were rewarded for this progressive outlook by receiving the ‘Customer Innovation Award’ from our excellent SAP developers, Yuma.

Bespoke additions to our Sales and Operations add-ons enable our teams the world over to communicate and share information more easily than ever before. Our Quality Assurance and Logistics teams in particular are reaping the benefits of these investments.

Further improvements and innovations are forthcoming, but in the meantime, a big thanks to Yuma for presenting Collcap with this award and implementing the benefits which will be enjoyed by the Collcap team and customers alike!

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Bringing the Lipsy ‘Caged’ bottle to life

We’re all buzzing at Collcap about the new Lipsy fragrance, ‘Caged’, launched last week to great fanfare in London.

Not just because we think it’s a great scent, but because we’re so proud to have been part of the process of bringing it to life. Look at this amazing pack – wouldn’t you be proud?

The guys at Lipsy came to us with several great concepts for their new fragrance, including the final bottle-and-cage combination. This challenging design was perfected by our own team to ensure the bottle was sturdy, easy to hold, as well as looking great on the dressing table!

We used our in-house rapid prototyping facilities (‘3D printing’) to deliver a functional and colour-matched model early in the process. Once that had been created, the way forward was clear – this was the bottle for Lipsy.

In addition to the stunning caged bottle, we also supplied the ‘Caged’ body lotion bottle and tube for the gorgeous-smelling body wash. The products look great together.


We think Lipsy’s ‘Caged’ is among the most eye-catching fragrance bottles released in 2014. What do you guys think?

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Collcap Trend Forecast, AW15/16

The Collcap team is pleased to introduce our new trends forecast for Autumn/Winter 2015/16!

Four key looks for the season, identifying colour, pattern,  shape and textures which will reverberate throughout the clothing, cosmetics and packaging industries and beyond.

Our design team have been inspired to recreate these looks with stunning pack designs and concepts, all featured within our trend book.

A bold season unafraid of dramatic print, AW15/16 combines eastern-inspired luxury and earthy naturalism. To find out more or to receive a personalised trends insight, contact the Collcap team.


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Design Collaboration

Earlier this year Collcap collaborated with Staffordshire University on a design project with their year 2 BA (Hons) Product Design students under the Arts Design and Media Faculty. Hugh Williamson, the Award Leader on the course, headed up the project with our very own John McDermott giving the students the option of 1 of 4 specific design briefs. The students were given a 2 month timeframe in which to come up with concepts, design, and in some cases mock up the concepts, before presenting their designs.

The concepts were of an incredibly high standard, the graphic design extremely professional and the thought processes behind them were well developed and brilliantly executed.

Two of the students, Dan Wichler and Zoe Baggot were chosen as the design challenge winners and were awarded internships here at the Collcap UK offices for an 8 week term.
With young fresh designers in place we have the opportunity to look at products through new eyes and they have the opportunity to work within an established company that have the ability to convert their concepts into reality and take them to market.


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Trends Presentation

Hi All,


So back in April myself and a couple of colleagues here at Collcap HQ undertook another of our exciting trends presentation for one of our customers. I hope that everyone that attended enjoyed the day and what we had to offer. It took a lot of time and effort, a redesign of the boardroom and much cutting and pasting to make some excellent trends booklets for everyone to take away on the day.

This presentation focused on the 4 following trends:

            Urban Nomad

            Primary Pops

            Eye of the storm


Each one of these stories focused on different aspects that we believe will be important to the world of fashion and cosmetics in autumn 13/14; if you would like to know more about these or if you or your company would like a personal trends insight all you have to do is contact a member of the Collcap team. Personally I think we rocked the day and can’t wait for the next one and am very excited to see the key trends for spring summer 2014.


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New Website 2012

We’re happy to announce the new Collcap website is up and running. Here’s a quick guide with a few pointers on what to look out for.

New features:

  • We now have a catalogue. Small, compact, but keep checking regularly for more updates – the newest and most interesting products we have sourced will go straight up here.
  • Take a look in more detail at the services we offer. Services such as rapid prototyping might be new to you, but it’s worth checking out our other services to see exactly what makes us stand apart from other packaging suppliers.
  • View some of our previous bespoke products and the case studies section to find out more about we could do for you.
  • We now have a blog! Our latest news, innovations, and packaging musings can now be broadcast in one place, so we can keep everyone up to date. Some of our most exciting new products will also be announced here.

We hope the new site is informative and helpful, and provides an insight into what we can offer.

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