The humble dropper bottle, once relegated to the back of the pharmaceutical shelf, is experiencing a resurgence in the beauty industry.

In part thanks to the increased popularity of oils as part of women’s skincare routines, and aided by the boom in men’s beard care, dropper bottles can be seen everywhere, and you can forget the dusty old pharma stereotype too.

Today’s droppers are sleek, frequently metallised, and can include a traditional pipette mechanism or the latest airtight technology.

Twist and click features add a more modern feel for the consumer, and measured dosing is becoming par for the course in the prestige market.

In conjunction with airtight ‘syringe’ style droppers, and airless pumps, the dropper can form part of a moreishly on-trend range or be used as a beautiful feature piece, ideal for a standalone face or hair oil, to look great on the shelf.

Collcap customers can choose from the full spectrum of dropper bottle technologies, including innovative airless dropper bottles, and a range of materials and decoration techniques.